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Justin AKA SpyderMonkey

Justin Mack is the owner and producer of “SpyderMonkey Shanty Radio” as well as the host of “The Roaring Melody”.  His deep passion for pirates, folk ballads, maritime, work songs, and music history was a big contributing factor to the creation of the Internet radio which was years in the making before its launch on March 6, 2018.

Today the station plays over 3,000 songs from over 350 artists and a huge backlog is on the way.

Besides radio production, Justin has experience in the world of theater, film, video editing, production planning, scheduling, and more.

 Other Hobbies include:

Gaming: Classically trained gamer who grew up in the 80s and has a passion for well-designed games and captivating stories, particularly in the adventure, horror, strategy, and RPG genres. In late 2020, he decided to share his gaming experiences with his family and friends by streaming on Twitch. His streams have a nautical theme, featuring a mix of games, and he even dresses up as a pirate while attempting to sing sea songs and shanties.  The Roaring Melody now streams live on Twitch as of 2024.

Scenes & Prop Building: Setting the scene is a fun challenge for any themed event. Every Halloween (and sometimes other events) he builds scenes and props to set the mood for a thrilling good time.​

Film/Videography: Justin has had an interest in film since childhood making short films and stop-motion projects. Throughout high school and college, he continued working on creating short films, and music videos. In his college years, he entered his school’s film festival and won 1st place for “Best Music Video”.  After college, he started doing videography for weddings and other events.

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